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David Whitehead "the Legend"
This website is devoted to a man you would never forget having meet him, a man with great values,very intelligent,smart with a great sence of humour a man always there should you need him. One always ready to put a smile on your face, and did so so very often to so many people. That man is the late David Whitehead and i have the UPMOST PRIDE in saying that man is OUR DAD !!!!!

Before i start with the story of our dad and mum, Rita's husbands life story i would like to mention the David Whitehead Memorial Cup. During
the last and very sad 24 hours we all had with dad in Blackburn hospital, we mentioned to him the idea of a cup in his memory to be donated to the UK Dutch Rabbit Club. He nodded in a agreement, that was all he could do at the time, dad could only nod or shake his head, we went on to say it would be Big, unforgettable and blase just like him self ...At this he did what was his type of laugh...We made dad a promise, and we have kept it, we had to look long and hard to find the right one that would fit the bill...After all, how do you find a cup that would be fitting of such a great and unforgettable man. When the cup arrives the "read More" link below will take you to the pictures of the cup,,,and the presentation to the UKDRC

David Whitehead We the family...His many many Friends, And the world have lost...But Heaven Has Gained A Legend !!

David was born on the 2nd of June 1943 in Reedley, he was the only child of Irene and Edmond Whitehead.He spent most of his young life living on St Marys street in Nelson.David attended Whitefield infant and primary school, completeing his schooling at Nelson Secondary Technical School (later named "Edge End") . On leaving school he attended night school and acheived both the National and Higher National Diploma in wood work and joinery, the highest accalde available for woodwork ! Davids young teenage life was spent both servering his time as a joiner and undertaker and spending his quality time down his pen, the long stream of allotments that used to adorn the leeds and liverpool canal. Here his true devotion, live stock, and prodomanatly the breeding and showing of Dutch Rabbits was born. David made history with Brigadre Gerrad, a brown grey rabbit that made a champion so many times ( 7 ) that a new champion certificate had to be printed. David also worked at nights as a bouncer at the Imperial Known as "The Imp" a massive venue for all the greatest artists of the decade, including the Rolling stones and the beatles to name a few. David, during this time meet, and went on to marry Rita Smith. David and Rita had four childern, myself Alan, Susan, Sandra and Robin. Robin is actualy called David, his middle name is Robinson, the same as Edmond, we all call him Robin or Rob as of course our dad was called David.

Shortly after compleating his apprenticeship David started on his own, firstly above garages on brook street nelson, this was soon out grown and both David and Mac his partner, purchased new premises on manchester road nelson which would include a front store selling ironmongery, hardware and doors etc..Named "Complete Home Improvement Center". It was soon well established and renowned as the biggest and most comprehensively stocked DIY store in the north west. Employing a range of trades men and going on to employee 2 reps, one covering the north and one the south selling his very own brand of prepacked hardware aptly named "David Whitehead Prepak" not only the company but the name David Whitehead was quickly becoming recognised as a well respested and astute business man, i worked in the store for my father in the school holidays. It was a hive of activity, never at any time did this go to Davids head, lending his cars out to friends who wanted to show off with there new girlfriend. One guy even brought his girl friend to the store and my father acted out that his friend owned the place, and he was an employee....Thats the sort of guy my father was, a true gentle and friend, but having the skill to be a business man at the same time. At weekends David was out at dutch rabbit shows, and spent a long time as a judge, he was very well repsected in the dutch rabbit world besides the business world. Thursday night was the boys night, dad used to go out with his best friends Frank Rodgers and Frank Turner, both also local business men. Sundays was family day, we all used to set of to the sea side, we even got to take one of our friends in turn, many of our mates had no car, let alone the money to go to the sea side, of course. David paid for them, and we always stopped of on the way home for lunch, looking back, i bet the cost of the day trips out for all six of us, + a friend of one of us...Well it must of been close to a mans weekly wage at the time. During the last twelve years or so David slowed things down, sold the store, and worked as a one man band "quietly away" so to speak, moved on to my door step just off Kelswick drive, and spent more chill time going out with our mother, and attending his garden, all the time doing an few days a week untill he retired 12 months ago. Then in september of that year 2009 he was informed he had cancer, going to hospital for kemo followed and great rusults given for the treatment early this year, alas he lost his life to it, very shortly (days) after wards.........We feel he was robbed. There are very few people in life that are Legends, great one off characters. David was one of them. Everyone thinks there dad is the best in the world, i think my dad was, not only my dad, but my best friend. Im very very honored and feel blessed to say that David whitehead....The Legend, and a true "one off" is / was MY DAD !!!!

Thank you for reading this, ive tried to keep it short and not make it like "War and Peace"

Feel free to leave a message on the guest book for David, or the family should you wish to say a few words

Kind regards Alan Whitehead........The legends son, and proud of the fact.


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